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Want to know what flavors of delicious ice cream we are going to offer? Well make sure to stay tuned to our social media @toftsgrandscoop on Instagram and X (Formerly Twitter) for our full menu reveal very soon! In the meantime check out some of the different products we are going to offer!

Hand Dipped Ice Cream

20 permanent hand dipped flavors ensure that there is always going to be something for everyone!

Rotating Flavors

4 rotating flavors will including some seasonal exclusives ensure that you will always have something new to try!

Soft Serve

Two soft serve flavors including one guaranteed to be a crowd favorite!

Made To Order Cookie Sandwiches

Combine your choice of cookie with any hand dipped ice cream for the perfect ice cream sandwich!


Homemade milkshakes featuring Toft's milk produced right here in Ohio from the same place as our delicious Toft's Ice Cream!

And More...

These are just some of the amazing offerings we are going to offer! Stay tuned on social media for us to reveal our complete menu!

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